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In person Medical Assistant certification Classes

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Garrett College offers a Medical Assistant certification program that prepares students for entry-level positions in healthcare. The program includes both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience. During the program, students learn skills such as preparing patients for exams, taking vitals, administering medications, and performing diagnostic tests.

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In person Cybersecurity certification Classes

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Garrett College's Cybersecurity certification program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on practical techniques, students learn how to prevent cyber attacks, implement security solutions, and respond to incidents. The program covers all aspects of cybersecurity, from fundamentals to advanced topics, preparing graduates for a successful career in this growing field.

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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes


The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class offered by Garrett College (GC), located in McHenry, MD, is a great way to prepare for a career in healthcare. This 8-week, non-credit course provides students with hands-on training and instruction in basic patient care, communication techniques, and infection control. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Maryland State Board of Nursing CNA Certificate.

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About school

Garrett College, located in Washington DC, offers a variety of programs, including but not limited to Certified Nursing Assistant. The college is directed by Melissa Wass, who is committed to providing quality education to its students. Garrett College strives to provide a supportive learning environment for students to achieve their educational goals.

In the McHenry, MD area

687 Mosser Rd, McHenry, MD 21541