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Folsom Cordova Adult School stands out for its exceptional phlebotomy certificate process. They offer a robust and practical training program for individuals keen on joining the medical field. The training ensures students become proficient professionals, skilled in practical use of theoretical knowledge in real medical situations. The institution leverages modern facilities and seasoned teachers to heighten the learning journey. Graduates step into the healthcare arena ready to meet its high demands. Special attention is placed on correct procedures, interacting with patients, safety precautions, and knowing laboratory machinery - essential aspects of a phlebotomist's job. The school abides by state laws, guaranteeing eligibility of every student for the California state certification exam.

$2,800 total

About school

Folsom Cordova Adult School serves as a platform for mature students to grow and learn irrespective of their stage in life. Through our broad range of study programs and classes, individuals are encouraged and empowered to expand their skills, thus leading to additional work opportunities, academic advancement or simply education for life enrichment. The environment we foster is both engaging and supportive, committed entirely to student success. Our team of dedicated teachers is enthusiastic in delivering each lesson, ensuring any learner who enters our institution leaves with a wealth of knowledge to better equip themselves for their future endeavors. As part of the larger Folsom Cordova Community, we have an established role in improving and impacting lives, and we stand by our commitment to provide an educational platform fit for every adult's needs. Through lifelong learning, we seek to foster belief in one's abilities and ignite the flame of knowledge in everyone.

In the Sacramento, CA area

10850 Gadsten Way (C1), Rancho Cordova, CA 95670