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In person Patient Care Technician Classes

In person

The Patient Cate Technician will provide you with a broad foundation of knowledge, skills and practical experience to work in a variety of medical settings. Graduates from this program may elect to take the State of Florida Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Phlebotomy Technician Examination. This program includes trainin in plebotomy and EKG.

$10,130 total

In person HVAC Classes

In person

This course is a skill-oriented program where the student will learn the fundamental of refrigeration, principles and application of electricity, electrical motors, operation and function of air conditioning systems, automobile air conditioning, ice machine repair and general appliances repair. For hand-on training (lab hours and externship) students will have access to safety equipment such as protective goggles, welder’s heat resistant gloves, dust masks and a headgear as needed

$9,650 total

In person Medical Assistant Classes

In person

The students will learn medical front desk procedure, patient scheduling, EMR/EHR, accounts receivables, medical records, insurance billing, data entry, anatomy, phlebotomy and hematology, EKG, and medical clinical procedures. Also, students will be able to assist the patient in clinical procedures such as taking patient history, obtaining vital signs, preparing patient for examination and procedures, and performing diagnostic tests as directed by the physician.

$10,910 total

In person Home Health Aide Classes

In person

In this course the student will learn basic skills in how to assist individuals with their personal grooming, dressing, bathing and the universal precautions designed to both protect the healthcare worker and patient.

The student will learn to provide assistance with housekeeping, laundry services, shopping for food, preparing and serving meals, snacks, running errands and other household requirements.

$490 total

About school

Florida International Training Institute is dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey of learning. From advanced programs to the basics, our courses are designed for learners of all levels. We stand apart due to our proficient experts who possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields. They offer personalized guidance and encourage interactive learning, promoting a community of shared experiences. We believe in the potential of everyone, endeavoring to ignite the spark of learning in them. With state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, we provide a conducive environment paired with updated curriculum to amplify the learning process. Furthermore, we facilitate a holistic growth approach, imparting more than just academic knowledge, but rather skills that are needed in real life situations as well. Undoubtedly, our commitment to quality education and positive learner growth experiences sets us apart, establishing us as a reputable educational institution. We invite individuals inquisitive about knowledge to join us and experience the joy and benefits of continuous learning.

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