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Fitness Mentor

Welcome to Fitness Mentors, your go-to destination for certification as an online personal trainer. Our team is passionate about helping our students take their personal training businesses to the next level by learning how to train their clients online, get new clients and scale their online businesses.

The Fitness Mentors team is comprised of college professors with vast experience in preparing students to succeed in taking the personal trainer certification exams necessary to achieve in the fitness field. These mentors combine their experience with a customizable approach that can be tailored to each individual student to ensure success. When students choose Fitness Mentors, they gain the required skill sets needed to provide as much value as possible to their clients as an online personal trainer and ultimately, experience the most success with their business.

Being an online personal trainer requires the wearing of many hats. To be successful, an online personal trainer must be a salesman, a coach, a scientist of the body and a mentor. Mastering each facet of online personal training is essential to the success of the business and Fitness Mentors helps their students learn, master and apply each aspect to their real-life endeavors. Through a partnership with Fitness Mentors, students receive a one-of-a-kind education that is guaranteed to set them up for success in the online fitness training world.

In order to start the process of living your dream as an online personal trainer, students must obtain certification so that’s where the Fitness Mentors journey begins. Through providing all of the necessary education needed to master the required skills to become a successful personal trainer, Fitness Mentors provide a customized plan that is guaranteed to work for you. They also offer mentoring in order to determine which certification is best for getting you on your desired path. Fitness Mentors helps their students navigate through the often-tricky world of online personal training certification with ease.

In addition to the education and advice provided by Fitness Mentors, students can find more information that is specifically tailored to help them find success on the Fitness Mentor blog or through listening to the podcast that will help them uncover the secrets to becoming the most successful personal trainer they can be. These facets, combined with free and premium study resources make Fitness Mentors the ideal place to start doing what it takes to take your dream of becoming an online personal trainer and make it a reality. Have questions? Please feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to help you become the best online personal trainer you can be.

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