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In person Commercial Driver's License Class A (CDL-A) Classes

In person

Ferrari Driving School's Commercial Truck Driver class is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful truck driver. The class covers topics such as defensive driving, vehicle inspection, and cargo handling, and is taught by experienced instructors. Upon completion of the class, students will be prepared to take the New York State Commercial Driver's License exam.

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In person Commercial Driver's License Class B (CDL-B) Classes

In person

The Commercial Driver's License Class B (CDL-B) program at Ferrari Driving School is designed for individuals who wish to drive commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks. The program comprises of both classroom instruction and practical driving experience. At Ferrari Driving School, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to obtain their CDL-B license and begin a rewarding career in the transportation industry.

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About school

Ferrari Driving School is located in New York, NY and offers an array of driving programs, including Commercial Truck Driver training. They provide students with the highest quality education, taught by experienced instructors. The school is led by a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing excellence in driver education.

In the Queens, NY area

35-28 19th Ave, Queens, NY 11105