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Associate Degree in Software Development

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With a Software Development degree, you'll be prepared to operate as a programmer or project manager in a variety of ever-expanding IT fields. Students in this 2-year program gain the experience to proficiently build complex software using popular programming languages and APIs, as well as an eye for testing, bug fixing and maintaining the applications and components that keep businesses running. You'll graduate with the soft and hard skills necessary to excel in this highly profitable field.

You’ll also leave here with the skills to communicate effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently and collaborate with others meaningfully. And in all things, we’ll help you work toward becoming a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. So whatever you do, you’ll be prepared to be the best you possible.

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In-person Medical Assisting

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Ensign College excels in healthcare certification programs, notably the Medical Assistant certification program, equipping students with knowledge and skills for effective patient care and clinical processes. The curriculum balances theory and practical training, providing real-world insights in stimulating classrooms and labs. Industry veterans as faculty offer personalized attention, ensuring student success and a solid foundation for a successful healthcare career. Financial aid opportunities and career guidance services further support students' journeys to a fulfilling profession.

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About school

Embarking on your educational journey at Ensign College doesn't just signify learning. It represents a path of discovery, fostering your spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth. By fostering an environment of respect and brotherhood, we nurture your talent, shape your character, and equip you with the necessary skills to excel in life. Skills that are not limited to academics, but extend to real-world challenges, honing your abilities to be competitive, innovative, and efficient in any professional field you choose to delve into. As you make your way through this nurturing ecosystem, you strengthen your foundations, embracing opportunities while being fully aware of your capabilities. This process of transformation will always serve as a guiding light, encouraging a life imbued with purpose, accomplishment, and service to mankind.

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