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Hybrid Phlebotomy Classes


Encore Care Association offers a comprehensive Phlebotomy certification program, designed to equip aspiring phlebotomists with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the medical field. The program combines both theoretical and hands-on learning experiences, ensuring that students gain a thorough understanding of the latest blood collection techniques and safety procedures. Upon successful completion, graduates will receive their Phlebotomy certificate, demonstrating their ability to confidently perform venipunctures and capillary punctures, while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, patient care, and safety.

$920.70 total

In person CPR / Basic Life Support Classes

In person

The essential CPR/Basic Life Support certification is the emphasis of Encore Care Association's healthcare certification programs. With the help of this curriculum, prospective health professionals will be equipped with the information and abilities necessary to manage medical emergencies. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and fundamental life support methods are covered in depth but simply in the modules. Students can effectively apply their knowledge thanks to hands-on instruction using state-of-the-art simulation facilities. For improved comprehension and effective communication in everyday situations, Encore Care guarantees high-quality education. The CPR/Basic Life Support certification is a key to success in the healthcare industry, as seen by the respectable positions that graduates occupy there.

$69 total

About school

Encore Care Association is a prestigious institution nestled in the heart of Centerville, Ohio. With a mission to provide a high-quality education, this esteemed school has garnered a reputation for academic excellence and fostering personal growth. Located on Paragon Road, Encore Care Association enjoys a scenic and accessible location for students and families alike.

In the Dayton, OH area

7626 Paragon Road, Centerville, OH 45459