Eastern Maine Community College

Eastern Maine Community College is a two-year college located in Bangor, ME. It offers a variety of programs, including a Certified Nursing Assistant certification, directed by Beth Stoops. The college also provides students with career and academic support services to ensure they are well-prepared for their future.

Classes from EMCC

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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification class offered by Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) is a great way to get started in the healthcare field. This class provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become a CNA and is offered at EMCC's campus in Bangor, ME. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a CNA certification from the Maine State Board of Nursing.

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant certification
Class meets both online and in-person

In the Bangor, ME area

354 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME 04401

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