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In person Commercial Driver's License Class A (CDL-A) Classes

In person

Dolphin Trucking School Inc. offers a comprehensive Commercial Driver's License Class A (CDL-A) program for aspiring truck drivers. This program prepares students for the CDL-A licensing exam and provides hands-on training in safety, driving techniques, and maneuvering in various road and weather conditions. Dolphin Trucking School Inc. also offers job placement assistance to help graduates find employment in the trucking industry.

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In person Commercial Driver's License Class B (CDL-B) Classes

In person

At Dolphin Trucking School Inc., a well-regarded Class B Commercial Driving License (CDL-B) program is being presented with pride. Mature industry experts impart crucial driving abilities to learners, setting them up for prosperous haulage careers. Scholarly theory and practical experience in multiple trucking scopes are provided in detail to all students. Dolphin positions itself at the forefront of innovation, boasting cutting-edge facilities that feature advanced, authentic scenario simulators. By maintaining its dedication to quality education, Dolphin assures that its graduates, as competent and dependable CDL-B license owners, are aptly prepared for the challenges of the trucking profession.

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Dolphin Trucking School Inc. is located in Los Angeles, CA and offers programs such as Commercial Truck Driver. Their programs are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional truck driver. The school is led by an experienced staff of educators and directors, ensuring students receive the best education possible.

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4820 S Eastern Ave, Commerce, CA 90040