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Online Cybersecurity certification Classes


As the digital world expands, maintaining cybersecurity becomes ever more critical to businesses and their customers. At DeVry University our 100% online Cyber Security Certificate program can help prepare you to become a cyber defender, securing sensitive data and protecting organizations against data breaches.

If you enjoy all things tech, completing an online cyber security certificate program can help you develop fundamental cyber security skills for combating cybercrime. The courses in this program will teach you how to design strategies to protect information, infrastructure and brands against the threat of cyberattacks.

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Online Medical Billing / Coding certification Classes


Be ready to help healthcare companies provide more effective care by earning an online medical billing and coding certificate. Our 100% online medical billing and coding classes start every 8 weeks. Explore natural sciences, anatomy and health information technology courses in our Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificate program.

As an option, you can further your studies and dive deeper into procedural terminology as well as legal and regulatory issues by specializing in Health Information Coding (HIC). This addition introduces three more classes designed to provide you with more detailed instruction on related concepts.

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Emphasizing a flexible, student-oriented approach, DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona imparts top-quality education and offers an array of online programs. Studying at this esteemed institution integrates up-to-date technology, hands-on experience, and a support infrastructure designed to help learners navigate through their chosen courses. They also provide a rich set of resources to ensure a fulfilling experience. DeVry's distinguished staff boasts of a wealth of knowledge, shaping students for promising careers and success in their respective fields. The institution constantly adapts and updates its curriculum to meet the dynamic demands of various industries, thus satisfying the needs of students and the larger workforce.

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