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Cornerstone Healthcare Institute CNA Training Program

Overview Cornerstone Healthcare Institute offers a comprehensive training program for those aiming to become Certified Nursing Assistants. This program focuses on fundamental nursing skills, patient care, and provides hands-on nursing experience, equipping students to meet the training criteria required for their certification exam.

Key Learning Areas

  • Basic Nursing Skills: Students learn core nursing practices including taking and recording vital signs, and maintaining a healthy environment for residents.
  • Personal Care Skills: Training includes mastering personal care skills, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding residents.
  • Understanding Residents: The course covers understanding patients' needs, with a focus on conditions such as confusion, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Rehabilitation and Restorative Care: Students are taught best practices for rehabilitation and restorative care.
  • Self-Care: A crucial part of the course is learning to care for oneself, including stress management and self-care during demanding situations.

Post-Training Benefits After completing the program, students will have a comprehensive understanding of resident care, be equipped with necessary nursing skills, and be ready for the certification exam. Their training will help them make a true difference in their patients' lives with holistic, compassionate, and professional care.

$800 total

About school

At Cornerstone Healthcare Institute our students  will learn fundamental nursing skills, patient care, and gain the ability to receive hands-on experience providing nursing care. Courses will help future CNAs prepare for their certification exam by providing them with the skills and clinical hours required to successfully meet training criteria. 

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