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In person Commercial Driver's License Class A (CDL-A) Classes

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CDS - Auburn offers a comprehensive Commercial Truck Driver class to help students prepare to obtain their commercial driver's license. The classes focus on both theory and practical skills, and include classroom instruction, driving practice, and DMV license testing. With CDS - Auburn's commitment to quality, students are sure to gain the knowledge and confidence to pass the test and become professional truck drivers.

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In person Commercial Driver's License Class B (CDL-B) Classes

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The Commercial Driver's License Class B (CDL-B) program at Commercial Driver School in Auburn is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate Class B commercial vehicles. The program includes classroom instruction and hands-on training to prepare students for the CDL examination. Students also have access to modern equipment and experienced instructors to enhance their learning experience.

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About school

Commercial Driver School - Auburn is a Seattle-based school offering comprehensive programs for aspiring commercial truck drivers. Their courses cover a range of topics, from basic driving techniques to more advanced topics such as defensive driving and hazardous materials handling. The school is led by an experienced team of instructors, providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the trucking industry.

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2141 W Valley Hwy N, Auburn, WA 98001