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In person CPR / Basic Life Support Classes

In person

Code One - East Hartford has a sterling reputation as a vocational institution that provides top-tier health-related certification courses. Included among its offerings is the CPR/Basic Life Support certification, which readies students for critical care situations. With a thorough curriculum that balances book knowledge with practical learning, students undergo intensive training that includes scenario-based exercises, strengthening their confidence and preparedness for actual professional environments. Code One significantly enhances career opportunities and plays a critical role in advancing healthcare standards. This vocational learning experience remains both essential and intriguing.

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In person Emergency Medical Technician Classes

In person

Code One - East Hartford, a prestigious vocational center, provides a comprehensive EMT certification course. The focus is on providing education in healthcare, using modern medical tools in their facility. Hands-on training, guided by seasoned professionals, contributes to a deeper level of understanding, amplifying students' education significantly. Priority is given to mastering techniques and procedures critical to saving lives. The intensive, immersive study plan is structured for student achievement. By taking advantage of local healthcare affiliations, students get true-to-life experiences, making the shift from training to handling actual medical crises seamless. This course serves as the breakthrough to a meaningful medical response career, shaping skillful EMTs prepared to assist their community.

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About school

Code One - East Hartford, a leading vocational school specializing in healthcare certification programs, prioritizes skill development and student-centered approaches to provide top-notch, academically rigorous courses. Located in the vibrant East Hartford area, the institution is renowned for its cutting-edge facilities, particularly its state-of-the-art laboratories that offer invaluable hands-on experience. The school offers a wide array of highly-relevant healthcare certification programs, from EMT and Paramedic training to nursing assistant courses, meticulously designed by knowledgeable instructors to be comprehensive and up-to-date with industry standards. Beyond traditional classroom learning, the institution fosters an innovative environment that emphasizes real-world experience, critical thinking, and professional skill development. With a team of accomplished educators possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical insights, Code One - East Hartford guides students toward successful healthcare careers. Additionally, the school values lifelong learning and encourages alumni to connect, forming a thriving network of healthcare professionals dedicated to ongoing professional advancement, making it the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional healthcare certification programs and a transformative educational experience.

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121 Roberts St., Hartford, CT 06108