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In person Phlebotomy Classes

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The Phlebotomy certification program at CNA Medical Academy is a comprehensive training course that prepares students for a career as a certified Phlebotomist. The program covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and phlebotomy procedures. Graduates of the program will have the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the healthcare field and work as a certified Phlebotomist.

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In person Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Classes

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The EKG Training Scheme at CNA Medical Academy is a valuable pathway for those looking to join the healthcare sector. Known for its exemplary education techniques, the Academy offers courses that equip students with essential EKG technical know-how. It houses proficient teachers, a helpful surrounding, and top-of-the-line facilities. The course underscores the importance of practical training, a key factor in inspiring confidence and capability in students before they undertake their first medical tasks. Upon finishing, students will have the capacity to proficiently analyze and understand EKG results, having conquered the intricate nature of heart rhythms and their relevance in patient care. The Academy is proud of its high pass rates, proving the efficacy of their holistic education. Unyielding dedication to student achievement, peerless industry-level instruction, and continuous adaptation to keep up with healthcare progress, distinguish this course. At the CNA Medical Academy, students transform into more than technicians; they become adept healthcare workers ready to significantly contribute to their medical teams.

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In person CPR / Basic Life Support Classes

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Renowned for its healthcare-related qualifications, The CNA Medical Academy presents a premium CPR and Basic Life Support certificate. Created with the student's learning pace and style in mind, this course blends in-depth theoretical knowledge and real-life practice. Experienced teachers who have significant medical field exposure guide students to perfect life-protecting strategies. The learning environment, laden with tech-forward mockup labs, aid in genuine skill enhancement and learning. Early intervention and proper handling of critical emergencies are stressed in the course module. It also boosts the readiness for emergencies and molds students to act calmly under pressure. Another unique aspect is the integration of interpersonal communication and team collaboration skills. The standout feature of the CNA Medical Academy's CPR and Basic Life Support qualification is its commitment to high-caliber, inclusive learning. Through turning beginners into competent technicians, it amplifies graduates' job prospects in the ever-evolving healthcare sector, thus acting as a solid foundation for those looking to pursue medicine as a career.

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In person Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

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CNA Medical Academy, a leading vocational school, offers a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant certification, prioritizing practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The school's diverse faculty of experienced professionals and top-notch facilities enhance students' learning experience. The program's winning-edge lies in its robust curriculum, covering essential areas like patient care, anatomy, communication, and ethics. Encouraging critical thought, the school prepares students for competitive scenarios and real-world experiences through clinical rotations, molding them into versatile professionals. With impressive employability rates, CNA Medical Academy excels in transforming aspirants into competent healthcare professionals, making their Certified Nursing Assistant certification remarkable.

$599 total

About school

CNA Medical Academy is a school that offers training programs in the field of healthcare for those looking to become certified nursing assistants. The academy is located in Holiday, FL and provides hands-on training and instruction in a supportive environment. With experienced instructors and a commitment to student success, CNA Medical Academy is a top choice for individuals seeking a career in the healthcare industry.

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2200 U.S. 19, Holiday, FL 34691