Nursing Assistant Program at Charity Institute of Careers

What's This About?

  • The Nurse Aide Training Programs (NATP) trains folks for long term care facilities and hospital-based skilled nursing units.

  • Competency Evaluations Programs (CEPs) make sure those who train at an approved NATP meet all the training standards.

  • Complete the evaluations, and you get added to the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry. Sweet, right?

The Basics:

  • Full-time commitment: 2 weeks. Yup, it's all in-person!

  • You don't need a diploma, GED, or any entrance exam to join. We keep it simple.

Some Need-to-Knows:

  • A background check is a must, and it'll set you back $35.

  • Registration? That's $150.

  • Once you're done, there's a $125 Prometric Exam Fee. You can pay that whenever you want after finishing up.

How Can I Pay?

  • We got a payment plan: Half on the first day, half by the fifth day.

  • Sometimes there are Educational Assistance Grants (for specific parishes, though).

  • Consider the Meritize Private Student Loan, but note there's a $100 fee after enrolling.

A Little About Us:

Charity Institute of Careers (CIC) set up shop in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2019 and got the green light to operate in 2020. We're here to guide you on your healthcare journey.


Charity Institute of Careers

Charity Institute of Careers is located in LA and offers a range of programs, including Certified Nursing Assistant certification. The institute is led by director Lindsey Woods, who is committed to providing quality education and training for students. With a focus on providing career-oriented education, Charity Institute of Careers is a great choice for those looking to start a new career.

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312 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette, LA 70506

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