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In person Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Classes

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A 22-month Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) is a comprehensive course of study. Combining didactic, hands-on, and clinical components, the CAHE sonography program prepares students to become highly trained professionals in the field of sonography.

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Hybrid Emergency Medical Technician Classes


CAHE’s 12-week EMT-Basic Program is designed to equip students with necessary skills and knowledge to become certified EMTs. The program prepares students for their EMT-B New York State Practical and Written Exam, and provides clinical experience to get students acclimated to the field.

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About school

The Center for Allied Health Education, situated in a modern and sophisticated campus, distinguishes itself as a prominent institution in vocational training, particularly in healthcare certification programs. It showcases an unwavering commitment to providing students with high-quality education. Each program within the Center is characterized by its comprehensive nature, featuring meticulously designed curricula that remain in sync with the latest healthcare advancements. These intensive programs aim to equip students with profound knowledge and practical experience relevant to their chosen healthcare fields. The faculty, a blend of experienced and passionate professionals from diverse healthcare backgrounds, fosters an ideal learning environment that combines expertise with hands-on learning. The school's state-of-the-art infrastructure, complete with modern laboratories, facilitates practical training, replicating real-world scenarios. Beyond academics, the Center offers extensive career placement services, ensuring students are well-prepared for the workforce. With a focus on maintaining a healthy student-teacher ratio and providing individualized attention, the Center for Allied Health Education empowers students to embark on rewarding healthcare careers, producing capable and confident professionals ready to excel in their respective fields.

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