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In person Medical Assistant Classes

In person

If you want an in-demand job where you can have a positive influence on the lives of others, a career as a medical assistant is a great choice. Performing a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks, medical assistants are the front lines of physicians’ offices, hospitals and urgent care centers

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In person HVAC Classes

In person

At Career College of Northern Nevada, we offer hands-on learning to help you master the technical skills you need for a rewarding career in this growing field. And because we partner with local employers to build our curriculum, you can be sure you’re getting the practical, real-world training you need to succeed.

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About school

Career College of Northern Nevada is a college located in Reno, NV, offering programs in various vocational fields. Their director, Mike Gideon, is dedicated to helping students find the best career path for their goals. They offer a variety of programs, from medical assisting to computer programming, to ensure that every student can find their perfect fit.

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1421 Pullman Dr., Sparks, NV 89434