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In person Phlebotomy certification Classes

In person

A Phlebotomist draws blood from patients for analysis or transfusion. The most common method of blood collection is called venipuncture. Phlebotomists do not analyze the samples nor administer injections or medications. Following blood collection, phlebotomists must clearly label and document the specimens. Blood collection and record-keeping are the primary responsibilities of a phlebotomist, but their duties are not limited to these activities.

The Phlebotomy Technician course prepares the student to be an effective member of the health care team. This program includes patient care techniques, universal precautions, communication skills, and other skills needed to provide quality patient care. Students are trained to perform venipuncture and to collect blood samples for accurate blood reliable test results. Students will be in direct contact with patients in hospitals, doctor's office, laboratories, clinics, blood centers, and nursing homes. Students will learn principles of blood collection and order of draw, charting, along with anatomy & physiology as it relates to patient conditions and disease. Students will also learn infection control and safety standards set forth by the medical community and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

$900 total

In person Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) certification Classes

In person

The EKG/ECG (Electrocardiogram) course prepares the student to perform and interpret basic EKG readings. Students will learn to measure the electrical activity of arterial and ventricular cells as specific waveforms and complexes. Students will be able to perform Electrocardiograph tracings of the heart in an effort to assist with the diagnosis of patients with heart disease. Students learn the fundamental principles of Physiology and EKG/ECG testing and interpretation.

Students will qualify and be prepared for entry-level positions. The student will have an accurate understanding of HIPAA laws, medical terminology, nursing procedures, infection control, medical documentation, and career development.

This course prepares the student to be an effective member of the health care team and includes patient care techniques, universal precautions, and communication skills. It concludes with an externship in a medical facility.

$650 total

In person Medication Aide certification Classes

In person

A Certified Medication Aide is an unlicensed person who is qualified to administer certain medications in assisted living communities and nursing homes as permitted by Georgia law, O.C.G.A. §31-7-12.2 and O.C.G.A. § 31-2-5 and O.C.G.A. § 31-2-7. The Certified Medication Aide registry is operated by the Alliant Health Solutions on behalf of the Department of Community Health (DCH).

$450 total

In person Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes

In person

CNA Nursing School of Calhoun runs a great Certified Nursing Assistant program. CCNSLTS's school location is in Calhoun. CCNSLTS's class is in-person, allowing for students to gain a deeper understanding of the material.

$800 total

In person First Aide/CPR Training certification

In person

After only seconds of a person being unable to breathe, irreversible brain damage begins, gradually progressing, and unless someone acts, life could end. It doesn’t take a Doctor to step up to the plate; anyone can help if they know what to do.

There are many benefits to knowing CPR and First Aid. As far as careers go, there will always be a job available, either teaching classes for CPR and First Aid or in public services, such as a paramedic.

$60 total

In person Medical Assistant certification Classes

In person

Medical assistants work alongside physicians, mainly in outpatient or ambulatory care facilities, such as medical offices and clinics.

$1,049 total

About school

CNA Nursing School of Calhoun is located in Calhoun, GA and offers programs including Certified Nursing Assistant. The school is led by Director Mary Ann Echols, who has extensive experience in the nursing field. With an emphasis on providing quality education, CNA Nursing School of Calhoun is a great choice for those interested in a career in nursing.

In the Rome, GA area

135 Professional Court, Calhoun, GA 30701