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Associate's Degree in Business Administration

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Located in the heartland of Pennsylvania, Butler County Community College (BCCC) - Brockway is a leading institution for individuals seeking to advance their professional lives through a Business Administration certification. The college offers a wide range of practical healthcare programs that aim to equip students with exceptional skills and qualifications. BCCC focuses on setting a benchmark for vocational training in healthcare administration, with its renowned Business Administration certification program. This program combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience under the guidance of industry experts, aiming to enhance students' business and administration acumen. BCCC stands out from other institutions with its state-of-the-art facilities, providing students with access to well-equipped classrooms and innovative laboratories. The college also emphasizes work ethics, professionalism, and leadership, instilling these key attributes in its students. BCCC-Brockway maintains strong relationships with prominent hospitals and healthcare organizations, facilitating networking opportunities and job placements for its alumni. Overall, BCCC-Brockway is a trailblazer in vocational training, offering a comprehensive curriculum and innovative teaching methods to groom the healthcare business administrators of the future. While the program may be challenging, it presents numerous opportunities for those willing to commit fully. With its notable contributions and unique qualities, BCCC-Brockway is undoubtedly a top choice for healthcare vocational training.

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Associate's Degree in Nursing

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Butler County Community College at Brockway is a highly respected institution that caters to detail-oriented students looking to advance in the health sector. The college specializes in healthcare certification programs, particularly the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) license. Known for its rigorous curriculum, the college seamlessly guides students into the healthcare field. The LVN program is designed for ambitious beginners and provides a strong foundation in nursing techniques through a practical, hands-on approach. The program also incorporates modern technology to prepare students for the constantly evolving medical world. The college emphasizes the importance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, covering a range of medical procedures and patient-care techniques. The faculty is highly skilled and experienced, providing expert guidance to shape students' learning journey and build professional expertise. The program also focuses on work ethics, patient privacy understanding, and empathy, reflecting the college's values. Through partnerships with local hospitals and clinics, students gain valuable on-field experience. The college also offers extensive support services, including financial aid, counseling, and job placement assistance. Overall, the LVN program at Butler County Community College - Brockway offers a comprehensive education and practical experience, preparing students for successful careers in healthcare.

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Brockway's Butler County Community College continues to advance the knowledge and skills of its students. With an impressive range of over 302 diverse courses, we tailor our classes to suit varied learner types and educational goals. We offer not only diplomas but degrees as well such as associate's and others. Our faculty of dedicated educators and a student-centric approach helps us guide you towards your learning objectives, irrespective of what they might be. From direct career-oriented courses to those focused on acquiring fresh knowledge, we have you covered. Our commitment to empowering our students strikes a chord with our 95% employment rate. Our students not only achieve academic excellence but also secure their professional spaces. We help provide the stepping stones to success by facilitating real-world apprenticeships from a pool of 1,165 potential employers. Begin your journey towards a bright future with Butler County Community College in Brockway.

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