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In person Medical Assistant Classes

In person

Boston Career Institute - Brookline is a top-tier institution committed to offering the best education for those seeking a career as a Medical Assistant. Their certification program adheres to the highest standards, guaranteeing participants gain an all-encompassing understanding of the core skills necessary in this field. Within their course, they explore a wide range of subjects, from patient care procedures to office practices. These are all essential knowledge areas any medical assistant should master. Medical terminology is another crucial topic that is thoroughly taught during the course. Additonally, Boston Career Institute provides an encompassing review of body functions and diseases to ensure students are fully prepared. Furthermore, they go beyond the theoretical aspects. Practical job-related skills like manipulating medical software and laboratory procedures are also part of this comprehensive program. For anyone aiming to become a well-rounded medical assistant, Boston Career Institute - Brookline is the place to be.

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In person Dental Assistant Classes

In person

If you're interested in becoming a qualified Dental Assistant, consider the comprehensive program at Boston Career Institute - Brookline. They offer an exceptionally detailed course, with an opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on experience. The program is suitable for individuals of all abilities, empowering everyone to develop the essential skills required for success in the dental industry. Plenty of guidance is provided and students can thrive in an environment that nurtures growth and learning. The curriculum is diverse, covering a range of relevant topics like dental health, administrative tasks, and patient relations. Significantly, upon completion, you become a certified dental assistant, ready to embark on your professional journey. Get your education from a place where they foster your talent and ambition, transforming beginners into professionals.

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Hybrid Phlebotomy Classes


Boston Career Institute's Phlebotomy Program

Jumpstart Your Healthcare Career with Our Phlebotomy Course!

At Boston Career Institute, we offer a hands-on Phlebotomy course that's both practical and dynamic. Aimed to equip you with the skills for live blood sample gathering in a real-world clinical setting, our program is your ticket to a valuable clinical skill!

What You Can Expect

Here's what you'll walk away with from our phlebotomy program:

  • More than 40 live blood draws for a genuinely practical experience

  • Online and personal instruction that will make you eligible for the National Certification through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

  • All necessary training materials and PPE provided

  • Scheduled board examination in our state-of-the-art testing facilities

Whether you're already in healthcare (like a nursing assistant or a nursing student), or you're just someone who wants to learn an important clinical skill, our phlebotomy training is just the thing you need!

Program Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Proficiency in reading and writing English

  • Consent to participate in clinical exercises

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Medical Office Administration certification

In person

At Boston Career Institute - Brookline, we are dedicated to equipping students with invaluable skills geared toward launching successful careers. Our courses are tailored to ensure they're comprehensive, enlightening, and empowering. We offer an array of programs, granting students a pathway to achieve professional certifications needed to excel in various fields. Every certification earned here carries significant weight in the job market, raising your marketability and potential for job growth. We have a strong commitment towards excellence and offering practical knowledge, enhancing students' competency beyond just theoretical understanding. With our professional courses, students are well-prepared for rewarding careers in the medical field, leaving us not only as graduates, but as top market contenders. We appreciate your trust in us and promise to provide an educational experience poised to open doors to numerous opportunities in your chosen career path.

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About school

BCI certification is well respected by the employers. It represents the student’s ability meeting a proficient standard; having completed the requisite training as prescribed by the various industrial, state, and national licensing bodies. More importantly, BCI’s certification accredits the graduates demonstrated ability to adhere to the strict code of ethics required of a medical professional. There, our students work hand in hand with health care professionals in a real clinical setting, getting the experience that class alone cannot provide.

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