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In person Medication Aide Classes

In person

Medication Aide is a person who is trained in a licensed School and certified by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services to administer medication to residents in the following areas.

  • Nursing facilities
  • Correctional institutions
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Intermediate care and community based facilities for residents that are mentally challenged.

After successfully completion of the program, the student will take Medication Aide State exam and when he or she passes the student name will be listed in the Texas State Registry.

$800 total

Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Classes


Bash Career Institute - Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Program

Welcome to your stepping stone towards a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Program Overview

In the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) course at Bash Career Institute, we ensure our students gain a comprehensive understanding in the field of nursing.

Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Students acquire essential skills for providing basic care to residents.

  • Effective communication and interaction with patients are nurtured.

  • The course encourages students in assisting patients to attain and maintain maximum functional independence.

  • Observing patient rights is strongly emphasized throughout the program.

Why Choose Us?

  • Learn from expert trainers in the healthcare field.

  • Experience personalized, 1-on-1 learning approach.

  • Take advantage of flexible program timings.

Upon completion, you will be prepared to step into a healthcare environment as a skilled Certified Nurse Aide, embodying the dedication to patient care that is central to the Bash Career Institute philosophy.

$375 to start

$700 total

Hybrid Phlebotomy Classes


Preparing future Phlebotomists by equipping students with the right tools and knowledge is at the heart of Bash Career's Phlebotomy program. The course covers laboratory studies, communication instruction, properly obtaining specimen collection, urinalysis, basic office bacteriology, hematology, human relations, legal, and chemistry. Incorporating both practical, book-based study and hands-on practice, BCI's Phlebotomy program prepares future phlebotomists for employment, with its 5-week comprehensive course.

$500 to start

$1,000 total

About school

Bash Career Institute is a leader in Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training. Conveniently situated in the City of Dallas Texas and within a drive time of 15 minutes from the great city of Dallas, our Campus remain one of the Top CNA Schools in the North Texas area, both in quality of Learning offered and suitability. In addition to regular class times, we offer flexible schedules for both evening and weekend classes to working Adults and stay at Home parents.

In the Dallas / Fort Worth area

13045 Floyd Circle Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75243