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Hey there! Are you passionate about caring for others and thinking about a career in an assisted living facility? Our Caregiver Certification Course has got you covered!

Course Details

  • This course is a solid 62-hour training program, just perfect for those with caregiving aspirations.
  • It's structured into different sections: 20 hours of home-based learning, 30 hours on-campus learning, and 12 hours of hands-on training to really get your skills sharp.

What You'll Learn

  • This course is packed with all the essential knowledge and skills you need to be an ace caregiver.
  • You'll get a good grounding in medication management, and how to provide top-notch care in an assisted living setting.

After the Course

  • Once you've smashed through the course and come out the other side, you'll be eligible to sit for the state exam to get your state certification.
  • And guess what? That's your ticket to turning your caregiving goal into a real-life, rewarding career.

So, ready to join us and step into the exciting world of caregiving?

$599 total

About school

With two campuses in Tempe and Peoria, Arizona, Assisted Living Training School takes on a more personalized approach for its students, ensuring learners enjoy a customized curriculum that taps into their learning style, schedule, and needs. A highly recommended program for Caregiving courses in Arizona!

In the Phoenix area

1843 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282