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In person Emergency Medical Technician Classes

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This program prepares students for employment as emergency medical technicians. Using interactive education (including classroom presentations, skills practice, and actual patient contact at area hospitals and local ambulance services), students learn how to provide pre-hospital basic life support for people who are sick or injured. Students learn how to treat various medical/trauma conditions using appropriate equipment and materials.

Examples of topics covered: patient assessment, airway management, cardiac arrest, bleeding and shock, traumatic injuries, poisoning, heart attack, stroke, patients with abnormal behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, emergency childbirth, burns, environmental hazards, communications, reporting, extrication and transportation of patients.

EMT training is science-oriented, medical-related, and very academically rigorous. The 1,286-page textbook requires high level reading and comprehension skills. Students should have a solid academic background and be prepared to spend many hours outside of class studying. Working full-time is not recommended while enrolled in the EMT program.

Upon successful completion of this Applied Technology Diploma (ATD) program, graduates enrolling in a Florida Community/State College may be eligible to receive 12 college transfer credits.

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Aparicio-Levy Technical College, a well-respected school in the vicinity, excels in providing health-related certification programs, readying students for a variety of roles in the ever-changing healthcare field. With top-notch tutors, they create unique, effective educational experiences. The institution places emphasis on applicable, training-based learning and offers a tech-forward learning environment. Their multi-layered programs equip students with the essential skills needed for diverse health career pathways, from roles like patient care aides to nursing aids. Aparicio-Levy honors hard work with nationally acclaimed certificates, paving the way for professional growth and further education options. The school stands out because of its resolution to create skilled, assured professionals poised to bring beneficial contributions to the health sector.

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