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In person Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

In person

ACC has a reputable State Tested Nursing Assistant class with a hardworking and thoughtful teacher. The course is 75 hours long (59 hours of theory classroom training, 16 hours of in-person clinicals), the minimum required by the state. They are located in Columbus. The school focuses on offering a speedy graduation for students; classes take just 2 weeks long.

$400 total

About school

Allets Career Center, Llc is an educational institution located in Columbus, OH, offering a variety of programs such as the Certified Nursing Assistant program. The center is directed by Stella Ayensu, a highly experienced professional in the field. It is a great place to obtain certifications and qualifications in various medical and healthcare fields.

In the Columbus, OH area

5900 Roche Drive, Columbus, OH 43229