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The Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training Certification Program at Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, FL, is designed to prepare our students to become successful Certified Patient Care Technicians. Students that complete the PCT program are eligible to take 5 different Healthcare Certification Exams!

Students will be trained to work in different aspects of patient care, including Phlebotomy, Diagnostic Testing, Home Healthcare, and more. Additionally, we're the only Patient Care Technician school in Miami that offers a Renal (Kidney) Dialysis Technician Certification care as part of its Patient Care Technician Training Certification Program.

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Set in a prime location, Acupuncture and Massage College stands out in the field of specialized education. This institution is globally recognized for its excellent healthcare certification programs and its top-tier commitment to its students' educational experience. The unique training it provides in holistic medicine bridges the knowledge from both Eastern wisdom and Western scientific studies, raising the bar in vocational education. As a credentailled institution, it emanates reliability by offering students practical, first-hand expertise. Pupils master vital skills in acupuncture and massage therapy practices, crucial for a thriving healthcare profession. Every course has been meticulously designed to integrate intricacy and diverse sentence structures for enhanced understanding.

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10506 N Kendall Drive, Miami, FL 33176