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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Classes


The Certified Nursing Assistant certification class offered by Accelerated School of Nursing Assistant in Minneapolis, MN is a great way to get started in the nursing field. The class provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a certified nursing assistant in a short amount of time. The Accelerated School also offers additional classes and resources to help students prepare for the certification exam.

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In person Home Health Aide Classes

In person

The Accelerated School of Nursing Assistant is distinguished for offering first-rate Home Health Aide credentials. With an intensive, quick-learning course outline, the institution outshines others in nurturing capable healthcare experts who prioritize the health of clients. The program advocates exhaustive learning coupled with practical exposure, accentuating the rise of proficient, empathetic caretakers. These qualifications bear significant consequence in the healthcare industry, delivering essentiality, assurance of longevity, and potential for advancement. Alumnae are well-equipped to cultivate a state of health and respect within residential environments.

$850 total

About school

The Accelerated School of Nursing Assistant is a top-rated institution situated in the bustling Minneapolis / St. Paul area. The school offers a wide range of programs, including certified nursing assistant certification, that are designed to prepare students for successful careers in the nursing field. With an experienced director at the helm, the Accelerated School of Nursing Assistant is committed to providing a rigorous and comprehensive education that prepares students for real-world challenges.

In the Minneapolis / St. Paul area

6818 North Humboldt Avenue, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430