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The Commercial Driver's License Class A (CDL-A) program at 160 Driving Academy - Waterford offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored for those aspiring to pursue a career in commercial driving. This program effectively blends theoretical knowledge with practical training, ensuring that students acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed for CDL-A certification. With a team of highly proficient instructors, the academy provides personalized guidance, covering vehicular mechanics, safety protocols, and precise maneuvering techniques. The program remains up-to-date with industry standards, guaranteeing its relevance and effectiveness. Graduates of this program have an impressive track record of securing desirable commercial driving positions, thanks to the academy's commitment to superior vocational education in the field of commercial driving.

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We offer a top-notch driving training program at the 160 Driving Academy in Waterford. Our aim is to provide the best preparation for commercial truck drivers to succeed in their careers. Our expert instructors focus on empowering every student with the essential knowledge and hands-on experience they need. We want to ensure they are fully capable of handling various driving situations. Our program offers guaranteed job placements post-graduation, leaving our graduates confident and competent drivers ready to take on the world of commercial trucking. We believe in the potential of every student and strive to guide them to a prosperous future in the commercial driving industry. Enroll today and be part of our success story; because here at the 160 Driving Academy in Waterford, your success is our triumph.

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