Where Does a Caregiver Work?

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Caregivers are heroes providing vital support to those in need. Whether in hospitals, nursing homes, or private residences, their compassion is a lifeline for anyone who needs them. Regardless of where they work, these heroes fill others’ lives with comfort and companionship.

Caregivers adapt their services according to their patient's needs. They may work within a patient's residence, providing personal care and helping with chores. Some caregivers may also work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult day care facilities, or even function as virtual caregivers through online platforms. Their work covers any setting where individuals need care and support.

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What caregivers do

A caregiver is anyone who provides care for someone. This can be a family member, a neighbor, or a professional. Professional caregivers may work privately or with a company that provides care for others. Some caregivers may have advanced certification and licensing, such as Home Health Aides (HHAs).

While both roles provide care, HHAs are different from a caregiver. HHAs pursue extra training, which enables them to offer more medical services. They are also more focused on the health and safety of the person they serve.

Caregivers, on the other hand, provide overall personal care to their patients. Their responsibilities cover a variety of duties, ensuring the well-being and comfort of their patients. They help with bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, medication reminders, and light housekeeping. They extend their assistance to light housekeeping so patients can have a comfortable and hygienic living space.

Where caregivers work

You can find caregivers working in a variety of settings. They create a safe and cozy environment so their clients can enjoy a good quality of life. Check out the table below to learn more about their possible work setting.

Where caregivers usually work


  • Providing personalized care to patients like bathing, grooming, dressing.

  • Assisting with bulk meal preparation.

  • Providing companionship and interaction to individuals.

Assisted Living Facilities

  • Supporting and assisting residents with their daily needs.

  • Helps around doing light chores and housekeeping.

  • Builds social engagement with residents.

Specialized care settings for caregivers

Pediatric Care

  • Providing personalized care to children like bathing, grooming, dressing

  • Ensuring children receive proper nutrition by preparing their meals and feeding them

  • Ensuring the safety and security of children while maintaining interaction

Elderly Care

  • Providing personalized care to elders like bathing, grooming, dressing

  • Assisting with medication administration of the elders

  • Assisting with meal planning, preparation, and feeding

Hospice Care

  • Providing compassionate care to patients with terminal illnesses

  • Extending the warmth of emotional support to patients’ families

  • Focusing on ensuring comfort to patients and giving out all kinds of care they need

Rehabilitation Centers

  • Assisting patients recovering from surgeries or injuries

  • May help with mobility, exercise programs, and personal care

  • Providing emotional support and motivation to recovering patients

Adult Day Cares

  • Providing personalized care to patients like bathing, grooming, dressing

  • Providing supervision and interaction to older adults

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Industry profile for caregivers

The industry for caregivers is receiving substantial growth. The employment of caregivers projects a 22% growth in the coming decade. That accounts for about 684,600 job openings every year! In May 2022, their average pay was $30,180 per year ($14.51/ hr). If you want to maximize the potential of this career, it is wise to consider the industries to venture into. These are the industries with the highest levels of employment for HHAs & caregivers:

In the industry of Individual and Family Services, there are approximately 1,815,870 employees, making up 64.09 percent of the industry's employment. The hourly mean wage in this sector is $14.87, with an annual mean wage of $30,930.‍

Similarly, in Home Health Care Services, there are approximately 878,310 employees, accounting for 57.19 percent of industry employment. The hourly mean wage in this sector is $14.26, and the annual mean wage is $29,660.

In Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities, there are about 288,300 employees, representing 47.89 percent of the industry's employment. The hourly mean wage is $15.39, with an annual mean wage of $32,010.

For Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly, there are approximately 237,370 employees, constituting 26.98 percent of industry employment. The hourly mean wage in this sector is $15.45, and the annual mean wage is $32,140.

Lastly, in Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities), there are around 47,860 employees, making up 3.56 percent of the industry's employment. The hourly mean wage is $15.44, with an annual mean wage of $32,110.

Final Thoughts 

Wherever caregivers may work, they always dedicate themselves to making a difference in their patients’ lives. This compassion of theirs fills in the walls of where they work. May it be in adult day cares, home cares, or the residence of who they care for. Caregivers not only attend to the physical needs of others but also offer invaluable companionship. Their selfless dedication and unwavering compassion make anywhere they may be a place of warmth and care.

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