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Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

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As you enter the world of Medical Administrative Assistants (MAAs), it’s only natural to wonder about the potential income that awaits. Join us as we explore this essential aspect of your future career, shedding light on the numerous financial possibilities. Let’s dive in!

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What do MAAs do? 

Before we explore salary details, let’s discuss what you do as an MAA. Working alongside medical professionals, you will be essential in healthcare by providing administrative support and ensuring medical facilities run smoothly.

You will perform tasks that may include:

  • Organizing patient records and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Scheduling appointments and making sure patients receive timely and convenient care.

  • Handling medical bills and ensuring billing processes are smooth and transparent

  • Handling insurance payments.

  • Ensuring that patients feel at ease and well-cared in the medical facility.

As an MAA, your role ensures patients receive coordinated care. You help keep records accurate and communicate well between doctors, patients, and insurance companies. You make processes smoother, reduce mistakes, and enhance patient care quality by being careful and organized.

The average salary of MAAs in the US

Now, let’s tackle salary — the very core of the topic. Since the healthcare industry is expanding, the competition for jobs at MAA is growing, leading to higher salaries. Employers are paying more to attract and keep qualified people in this field because there is a higher demand for skilled MAAs.

The typical annual salary for MAAs in May 2022 was $41,260, about $19.84 per hour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here is the breakdown of percentile wage estimate for MAAs:

  • 10% Percentile:

  • Hourly Wage: $14.53

  • Annual Wage: $30,230

  • 25% Percentile:

  • Hourly Wage: $16.94

  • Annual Wage: $35,240

  • 50% Percentile (Median):

  • Hourly Wage: $18.51

  • Annual Wage: $38,500

  • 75% Percentile:

  • Hourly Wage: $22.38

  • Annual Wage: $46,550

  • 90% Percentile:

  • Hourly Wage: $26.74

  • Annual Wage: $56,620

Factors contributing to variations in salary

The salary you earn can be different based on where you work and how much experience you have. But some essential things may affect how much you get paid. It’s important to understand these various factors that can have an impact on your salary:

  1. Location. The area where you work can affect your salary. Places with higher living costs or a high demand for healthcare services usually offer higher compensation.

To give you more insights, here are the top-paying States for MAAs in May 2022:

  • District of Columbia:

  • Hourly Salary: $24.46

  • Annual Salary: $50,870

  • Washington:

  • Hourly Salary: $23.54

  • Annual Salary: $48,960

  • Massachusetts:

  • Hourly Salary: $23.07

  • Annual Salary: $47,990

  • California:

  • Hourly Salary: $22.90

  • Annual Salary: $47,640

  • Minnesota:

  • Hourly Salary: $22.58

  • Annual Salary: $46,970

  1. Industry Demand. The healthcare industry’s demand for MAAs can impact salary variations. Areas or industries experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals may offer higher salaries to attract and keep talent.

  2. Responsibilities and Scope of Work. Employers may compensate MAAs with broader responsibilities or those managing multiple administrative tasks more than those with limited duties.

  3. Employer Type. The type of employer can influence salary levels. If you work in hospitals, large healthcare facilities, or private practices, you may receive higher salaries than those in smaller clinics or non-profit organizations.

  4. Type and Size of Healthcare Facility. The type and size of a healthcare facility can result in salary differences. Larger hospitals or specialized clinics often provide higher salaries than smaller medical practices.

  5. Certifications and Specialized Training. Additional certifications or training can boost your skills and increase your earning potential. Certifications like Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) or Certified Electronic Health Records (CEHRS) show expertise and may lead to higher-paying job opportunities.

  6. Level of Experience. The more experience you have, the higher your earning potential. With additional experience, you gain valuable skills and expertise that make them more valuable to employers.‍

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Top paying industries for MAAs

Just like the location where you choose to pursue your career, the industry you work in can significantly affect your salary. You might be wondering which industries offer the highest earning potential for this profession. Well, you’re in for a treat! Apart from the financial rewards, these top-paying industries for MAAs open doors to promising career advancements:

Final Thoughts

A career as MAA offers a blend of fulfilling work and financial stability. The average salary and the potential for career growth and advancement make it an appealing choice for many individuals. It allows you to play a vital role in the smooth functioning of a medical facility.

Dreambound is here to support you when you feel prepared to move forward. You may want to explore MAA classes and see if it’s the right path. Remember, finding a career that provides financial stability and aligns with your interests and skills is essential. When you enjoy what you do, it can bring you long-term professional satisfaction and happiness. Go out there and make a positive impact — you’ve got this!

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