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Computer Network Administrator

Here's an interesting fact: hackers create about 6,000 new viruses every month, targeting a range of operating systems. Learning to steer clear of these viruses and malware is crucial for staying safe online. That's where network administrators come in – they're the frontline defense in keeping networks secure and running smoothly. So, if you're considering a career as a network administrator, now's the time to seize the opportunity! And with Dreambound's support, you'll have the guidance you need to embark on this rewarding journey.

On Dreambound, there are 48 computer network admin programs, 3 upcoming classes, and the average class length is 6 months.

Curious to hear how Dreambound has helped others pursue their dreams? Here's a look at what some of our students have to say about their experiences with Dreambound:

  • "Finding Dreambound was by accident, but I can honestly say it was a fortunate accident because you can pick whatever class you want to take, and that’s it. There are no extra classes or anything. The staff is super nice all around. Overall, my experience has been amazing!" - Shannon Davenport
  • "Dreambound was easy to use and access. It provided a single mom like me with so many choices. I love it; 5 stars is not even enough of a rating!" - Kylyric Holman
  • "I actually thought Dreambound was great! It was easily navigatable, and I didn't realize how many preschools we had out here. I've been looking to further my education, and I thought I didn't have time, but these schools are 100% online and will work with my schedule. I think it's awesome and thank you for that opportunity!" - Leslie Corleon

If you're up for the challenge of dealing with viruses and malware, think about becoming a Network Administrator! Keep reading for more information and find out how Dreambound can help you find the perfect network administration class near you.

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What Does a Network Administrator Do

Network administrators play a crucial role in keeping an organization's computer networks running smoothly. They set up, manage, and fix local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and data communication systems. Their job involves installing the necessary hardware and software, keeping the network secure, and making sure everything works as it should. They also help choose the right technology for the organization, upgrade systems when needed, and help staff understand how to use the network. When problems pop up, network administrators are on the case, troubleshooting and solving issues to keep everything running smoothly.

Network Administrator Salary

Based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for network and computer systems administrators was $90,520 annually, as of May 2022, which equates to $43.52 per hour. The majority of these professionals work full-time hours, with some putting in more than 40 hours per week. It's common for administrators to have to work during evenings, nights, or weekends to ensure networks and systems are monitored, maintained, or updated. Therefore, it's evident that the salary of network administrators can vary based on different factors.

Network Administrator Job Outlook

Based on projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it looks like the job market for network and computer systems administrators is set to increase by 2 percent from 2022 to 2032. This growth rate is pretty much on par with the average for all jobs out there. The demand for professionals in this field will stay steady, driven by companies' ongoing investments in newer, faster technologies and mobile networks. With cloud computing becoming more widespread and the constant need for updated computer equipment and software, there'll definitely be a continued need for network and computer systems administrators to keep everything running smoothly.

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Computer Network Administrator Classes by City

In order to help you find computer network administrator class, at Dreambound we've gathered the most comprehensive list of computer network administrator classes in the US. Below you can find a list of computer network administrator classes, organized by city. If you don't see your city listed, you can always search by zipcode.

How to Become a Computer Network Administrator

We know taking the first step to becoming a computer network administrator can be scary. That's why we're trying to demystify the process by writing guides on how to become a computer network administrator. Since State process or requirements may vary, we've written separate guides for each state:

Exploration of Computer Network Administrator Versus Other Programs

Considering other programs? Read our guides on Computer Network Administrator versus other similar programs in field, providing a comprehensive overview to assist you in making the right choice for your career path.

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