Here's what we can help you understand:

If you're unemployed

Applying for unemployment benefits is different for every state. You might also be eligible for an extra $300-400 dollars every week from the federl government.

Housing assistance, evictions, and foreclosure

We can help you understand housing assistance options, and protections you might have in your state if you can't pay your rent or mortgage.

If your work hours are reduced

If you're still employed but are furloughed or have had your hours reduced, you still might be eligible for unemployment benefits.

If you get coronavirus

If you, your child, or someone you need to take care of gets the coronavirus, we'll tell you if you have paid sick leave and how much you'll be paid.

Health insurance changes

If you change your job, need a new plan, or lose your coverage, we can tell you your options for getting a new health care plan, specific to your state.

$1,200 stimulus cash

The CARES Act created the biggest stimulus in American history. Most people will be able to get up to $1,200 in cash deposited to their bank account — we'll calculate how much you get.

If you experience homelessness

If you're experiencing homelessness, we can guide you towards resources that can help you find shelter.

On-demand workers & self-employed

If you work for yourself or an "on-demand" company like Uber or Instacart, you can claim benefits too. You can also get a loan or grant from the Small Business Administration.

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Why Dreambound made this tool

We all need to step up — in this time of uncertainty and need, we've donated hundreds of hours to build and research this resource.

Dreambound helps create upward mobility in America. Normally, we focus on health-care workers and help them get jobs that earn more. In this time of uncertainty and need, we're turning our attention towards the coronavirus and economic situation.

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