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My dream is to become a lawyer in the next 4 years but first perfect my career as a paralegal
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Charter College - Online
Paralegal certification
What You'll Learn Our AAS in Paralegal online program provides you with the legal expertise and technical skills needed for entry-level roles in the legal or business fields. Through lectures and online activities, you'll delve into the U.S. legal system and contemporary technological and administrative systems used in the field. Additionally, you'll complete assignments encompassing reading, exercises, problem-solving, projects, research, papers, and presentations. Topics Include - Business Law and Ethics - Criminal Law - Civil Litigation Program Length In just 15 months, you can earn your AAS in Paralegal Degree. Charter College offers classes every five weeks, ensuring unmatched flexibility. Our unique learning approach guarantees timely graduation. Program Outcomes Upon program completion, you'll be able to: - Adhere to established rules and practices of the legal profession, including legal ethics - Employ appropriate procedures and methodologies to draft legal documents - Conduct legal research using primary and secondary sources, as well as research services like Westlaw - Apply critical thinking skills to evaluate the core functional areas of paralegal practice - Demonstrate communication, social, ethical, and client-focused skills essential for efficiently completing tasks in a law practice Our AAS in Paralegal degree program equips you with the technical skills and legal knowledge necessary for entry-level paralegal positions. Employment opportunities abound in law firms, corporations, government entities, and administrative agencies. Embark on your paralegal career journey today!
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