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Herzing University

The Associate of Science in Health and Human Services program at Herzing University is designed to prepare students with an interdisciplinary knowledge base. The program focuses on prevention, intervention, theory, and maintenance in practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. This online program provides foundational knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in public and private health and human services agencies and organizations. Successful completion of this program makes students eligible to pursue further studies in the Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program, students should be able to:

- Understand Human Services Delivery: Gain knowledge of the history and current human services delivery. 
- Apply Knowledge and Theory: Apply knowledge and theory to multiple levels of human systems.
- Integrate Models to Populations Served: Demonstrate understanding and integration of models for populations served.
- Apply Policy to Practice: Exhibit how to apply policy to practice.
- Information Management Skills: Build skills in information management.
- Ethical and Legal Standards: Adopt ethical and legal standards found in human services.
- Develop Interpersonal Skills: Engage in genuine interpersonal skills.

Program Content:

A minimum of 60.00 semester credit hours is required for graduation. The program covers a comprehensive curriculum focusing on health and human services, including history, theory, policy, information management, ethics, and interpersonal skills. The coursework prepares students for entry-level positions in health and human services agencies and provides a foundation for further studies in the field.

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