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Qualified Medication Aide
January 14, 2023

Infinite Health Care Academy

150 Butler Street, Suites D1 - D3, Midway, GA 31320
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What is a CMT?
A CMT is a Certified Medication Technician/Aide that is trained to dispense daily medication to patients in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Community Center Hospices, Schools, Outpatient Facilities or other healthcare facilities.

What does a CMT do?
CMTs may work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). The CMT will be responsible for dispensing medication to patients daily and monitor dosage and medication use. In addition to the general responsibilities of a CNA, a CMT may have the following additional duties:

  • Record the quantity of dosage and time of medication usage
  • Collect samples for laboratory analysis
  • Dispense both non-prescription and prescription medication to patients
  • Collaborate with the nursing team to handle patient medication and care
  • Ensure the dispensary is well-stocked with adequate medication supplies
  • Advise and educate patients to ensure they comply with instructions on proper medication use
  • Alert supervisors to any adverse changes in patients due to medication
  • Follow all health regulations to ensure the safety of patients and staff

IHCA’s CMT Training Program
IHCA’s CMT Training encompasses the fundamental theories and skills underlying the nursing profession. It prepares students to sit for the Georgia certification exam for medication aide. 

We currently offer a Hybrid CMT Certification Course. The course takes 7 days to complete - Saturday to Friday. The first 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday) is online; the fifth day (Wednesday) is in-person at our training facility for content review; on the sixth day (Thursday) students will meet the instructor at an assisted living facility for clinicals; and on the last day (Friday) the students will prepare for the state exam and then take it. 

Note: A pre-requisite for this program is that you have an active CNA license.

Kissiah Moore
Certified Nursing Assistant
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Qualified Medication Aide?

A Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who has completed more training in order to be able to give medication to patients. QMA programs require that you already have your CNA license and may have additional requirements on top of that. For example, Texas requires that you've worked at least 90 days at a nursing home or Getting your QMA certification can give you a small pay bump over a CNA.

What is Dreambound?

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