MedCerts is an education provider located in GA. They offer comprehensive training programs such as Patient Care Technician certification (clfaaqaz90icc3dlpaewe0vkz), Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) certification (clfaawpwk0isz3dlp6tql2e5i), Medical Assistant certification (clfab2dg00jls3dlpb2di71ar), and Phlebotomy

Classes from MedCerts

Online Medical Assistant certification Classes

MedCerts's Medical Assistant program is entirely online. Upon completion of the program, MedCerts will match you with an externship site to do hands-on training. This class makes you eligible to obtain your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant certification. Note that those planning to work in WA are not eligible for this program.

Become a Medical Assistant certification
Take entire class at home online

MedCerts offers flexible ways to pay $4,000

In the Augusta, GA area

535 Telfair St, Augusta, GA 30901


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