This partnership agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of the Effective Date below between the parties described below (“Dreambound” and “Training Provider”, each a “party” and collectively the “parties”). Dreambound and Training Provider hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:
The following “Key Terms” shall apply in this Agreement:
Any course offering (example: CNA, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, etc.) marked as "active" in the Dreambound School Portal and designated by the school.
Student Referral Services – Section 3.1
Dreambound Sponsorship Program – Section 3.2
“Referral Fee”
20% of tuition for candidates referred that start a program OR 20% of tuition for candidates sponsored that start a program.Note: If a student is both referred and sponsored it is not a 40% fee referral
Tuition is defined as the total cost of the program for the student to register including any fees. Please update tuition costs in the School Portal if they change.
Either party may terminate the Agreement upon delivering written notice at any time
2. TERM AND RENEWAL.  The Agreement will become effective as of the Effective Date and shall remain in effect until terminated in accordance with this Section 2 (such effective period, the “Term”). Either party may terminate the Agreement upon delivering written notice at any time. The termination of the Agreement shall not terminate those obligations that are expressly indicated to survive termination.

3. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Under Key Terms above, Dreambound shall provide the following Services to the Training Provider for the Program(s).​

​3.1 Student Referral Services: a) Dreambound may refer students to Training Provider’s Programs through the Dreambound website and other promotional activities undertaken by Dreambound. For any student “Referred by Dreambound” (as defined below) who is qualified for the Program and enrolls and starts the Program during the Term, Dreambound shall receive a Referral Fee.

b) “Referred by Dreambound” shall mean a student who has been introduced to the Training Provider and the Program by Dreambound. If a student’s first contact is with the Training Provider or the student has been referred to the Dreambound website directly from the Training Provider website, then that student has not been “Referred by Dreambound” for the purposes of the Agreement. Dreambound uses cookies and sophisticated marketing technology to know the source of traffic for any user. c) If a student Referred or Sponsored by Dreambound and the student or a third party wish to pay for the Training Program in full or by using a payment plan offered by the Training Provider, Dreambound may collect the full deposit (in the case of full payment) or the first payment (in the case of a payment plan) and remit such payments to Training Provider as part of the billing process described in Section 4.​

3.2 Sponsorship Services. a) A Referral Fee shall be earned by Dreambound for a student who receives a sponsorship through Dreambound's website and who then enrolls in Training Provider's Program.b) Tuition payments will be made directly to Training Provider and paid as provided in Section 4 below. In the event any refund is due in respect of tuition paid on behalf of a student by Dreambound, Training Provider agrees to refund such amount directly to Dreambound.


4.1. Dreambound will remit collected payments to the Training Provider within 3-5 business days of initial receipt withholding only credit card processing fees and referral fees. The Training Provider will send enrollment reports to Dreambound confirming enrollment and will remit any Referral Fees owed within 15 business days after the start of each Training Program session. In the event any refund is due in respect of tuition paid on behalf of a student by Dreambound, Training Provider agrees to refund such amount directly to Dreambound. Any party owing a payment shall make payment of any net amounts due within fifteen days of the date of the invoice. In the event that either party is delinquent (past 15 days) on making payments either party reserves the right to withhold future payments until the balance owed is remitted.

4.2 Dreambound’s fees shall remain valid for the first year after the Effective Date of this Agreement.  After that time, Dreambound may update this Agreement with its prevailing fees by email notice to the Training Provider.

4.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, no party shall be required to pay any amount reasonably in dispute, provided that the disputing party promptly notifies the other party in writing of the amount in dispute and the reasonable basis for the dispute. The parties will investigate and resolve any dispute in a timely, cooperative and reasonable manner.


Training Provider represents and warrants that the Tuition is the best available rate offered, before the Referral Fee has been applied.  If a better rate is offered to any third party, Training Provider agrees to make such better rate available to Dreambound. The parties agree that Tuition may be updated by notice by email without the need for a formal amendment of this Agreement.

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