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What is a Pharmacy Technician?

A pharmacy technician is a healthcare professional who works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to assist in various pharmacy-related tasks. Their primary role is to support the pharmacy in dispensing medications and providing essential services to patients and healthcare providers.

The primary responsibilities of a pharmacy technician are:

  1. Assisting in medication dispensing: Pharmacy technicians help prepare and dispense prescription medications accurately by measuring, counting, and packaging them as per the pharmacist's instructions.
  2. Managing inventory: They monitor and maintain the pharmacy's stock of medications and supplies, ensuring that necessary medications are available when needed.
  3. Processing prescriptions: Pharmacy technicians receive and process prescription orders from healthcare providers, as well as handle refill requests and contact physicians for prescription clarifications when necessary.
  4. Providing customer service: They interact with patients and healthcare professionals, answering inquiries about medications, dosage instructions, and potential side effects.
  5. Ensuring compliance: Pharmacy technicians follow safety and regulatory guidelines, including maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the pharmacy, and accurately labeling medications with appropriate instructions and safety information.

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CCI Training Center
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770 Road to Six Flags Street, # 140, Arlington, TX 76011
If you are considering a new career in healthcare, CCI Training Center’s online Pharmacy Technician Training program is a great place to start. The national need for Pharmacy Technicians is on the rise. And, with pharmacies now located in supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other locations, there are more job opportunities than ever before. Our pharmacy technician training program gives you the education, tools, and resources you need to pursue a successful career in as little as six months, all 100% online. Financial Aid options are available to those that qualify. 
Uncharted Territory Solutions - Houston
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507 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, TX 77060
12 week online program, students will take the NHA Pharmacy Tech exam, cost includes books, and exam. Pharmacy Tech- $500, 2 additional payments over 6 weeks $250, $250 Additional Invoices sent Directly from school with dates after initial payment.
Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians
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Pharmacy technicians play a critical role in the healthcare system by assisting pharmacists in various tasks related to medication preparation, dispensing, and patient care. Completing a pharmacy technician program can open up a range of career opportunities in different healthcare settings. Here are some common career paths for pharmacy technicians:

  1. Retail Pharmacy Technician: Work in community or retail pharmacies, assisting pharmacists in dispensing medications, processing prescriptions, and providing customer service to patients.
  2. Hospital Pharmacy Technician: Join the pharmacy team in a hospital setting, where you'll help prepare and dispense medications for inpatients, outpatients, and healthcare professionals.
  3. Long-Term Care Pharmacy Technician: Serve in long-term care facilities, assisting in medication management for elderly or chronically ill patients.
  4. Compounding Pharmacy Technician: Work in specialty compounding pharmacies, where you'll help prepare customized medications tailored to individual patient needs.
  5. Home Infusion Pharmacy Technician: Participate in home infusion services, preparing and delivering intravenous medications to patients in their homes.
  6. Mail-Order Pharmacy Technician: Contribute to mail-order pharmacy operations, assisting in the processing and delivery of prescription medications to patients by mail.
  7. Nuclear Pharmacy Technician: In specialized nuclear pharmacies, you'll help prepare and handle radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures.
  8. Research Pharmacy Technician: Assist in pharmaceutical research settings, supporting the preparation and documentation of investigational drugs used in clinical trials.
  9. Pharmacy Technology Sales Representative: Work for pharmaceutical companies, promoting and selling pharmacy technology products and services to healthcare facilities.
  10. Pharmacy Technician Instructor or Trainer: Share your knowledge and experience by becoming an instructor or trainer in pharmacy technician education programs.
  11. Pharmacy Software Support Specialist: Provide technical support and training for pharmacy software systems used in various healthcare settings.
  12. Health Insurance Pharmacy Technician: Work with health insurance companies to process medication claims, manage formularies, and support medication management programs.

As the demand for prescription medications continues to grow, pharmacy technicians are increasingly sought after by healthcare organizations, retail pharmacies, and specialized facilities. Depending on your interests and career goals, you can choose from a variety of settings and roles, making pharmacy technology a versatile and rewarding career choice.

Pharmacy Technician Course General Objectives

General objectives for a pharmacy technician course aim to provide you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills required to work effectively as pharmacy technicians. These objectives cover various aspects of medication management, pharmacy operations, and patient care. Here are some common general objectives for a pharmacy technician course:

  1. Pharmacology Fundamentals: Develop a thorough understanding of drug classifications, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics to handle medications effectively.
  2. Prescription Processing: Learn to interpret and process prescription orders accurately, ensuring adherence to legal and safety requirements.
  3. Medication Dispensing Skills: Acquire hands-on experience in measuring, counting, and labeling prescription medications with precision.
  4. Pharmacy Operations and Inventory Management: Gain insights into pharmacy workflow, inventory control, and quality assurance to maintain efficient and safe pharmacy practices.
  5. Medication Safety and Error Prevention: Understand medication safety protocols and implement error prevention strategies to minimize medication-related errors.
  6. Effective Communication and Patient Care: Develop strong communication skills with patients and healthcare professionals to provide exceptional patient care and support.
  7. Pharmacy Technology and Software: Familiarize yourself with pharmacy software systems for prescription processing, medication management, and drug interaction checks.

By achieving these general objectives, you will be well-prepared to work as competent and reliable pharmacy technicians, contributing to the safe and effective delivery of medication services within various healthcare settings.

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