Dreambound for CNA Employers

A great way to hire & retain

It's time to get peace of mind with your CNA hiring pipeline. Nursing homes, hospitals, & SNFs can work with Dreambound to hire CNAs directly to payroll — no middlemen, just quality results.

  • Hire CNAs directlyDreambound is not a staffing or recruiting agency, saving your recruiters up to 18 hours/week and over $2,500 per candidate.
  • Guaranteed retentionIf a CNA leaves within 30 days, we'll replace them at no extra cost.
  • Special access to qualified CNAsBefore you interview, we've already invested in their careers, trained them to high standards, and run background checks necessary for employment.

Dreambound works hard for you behind the scenes

Source top candidates
In-depth interviews
Invest in their training
Provide career coaching
Run background checks
Build a relationship

You tell us your needs

We're ready, now & into the future

You interview CNAs

From a list of our qualified CNAs, you interview & pick your favorites

You hire directly

Directly onto your own payroll — no middlemen or staffing agencies

Strong recruiting is nothing without retention. 
That's why you need our Retention Guarantee.

Dreambound's Retention Guarantee keeps headcount consistent. We'll replace any Dreambound CNA that leaves within 30 days at no additional cost. It's a groundbreaking model that helps you focus on what matters — keeping roles filled.

Turnover hurts both your bottom line & your Medicare star rating. It also hurts morale and adds hassle. With Dreambound, you can attack turnover at its root.

Aligned incentives

We build a financial & coaching relationship with each CNA and help them grow their careers

Robust access

We work with CNAs, training providers, & employers — giving us a continuous & robust pipeline

Deep screening

We accept less than 4% of CNA candidates and screen for healthcare experience and integrity

Hiring is hard
One in four CNA openings in America are vacant at any time
Recruiting is hard
70% of advertised CNA roles never receive qualified applicants
Retention is hard
The year-over-year turnover for CNAs in 2018 was 32%

The Dreambound model is the best of all worlds

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Dreambound CNAsStaffing agencyOutside recruiterDo it yourself
Employ your CNAs directly

Staffing agencies can charge massive premiums of over 100%.

Avoid navigating confusing job boards
Avoid paying massive premiums
Interview pre-qualified candidates

Dreambound does up-front screening and background checks. Plus, we vouch for candidates and literally invest in their success.

Save on advertising & recruiting effort
Hire graduates from top CNA programs
Receive retention support from Dreambound

CNAs you hire not only have direct relationships with you, but also agreements with Dreambound. Aligned incentives means candidates stay longer.

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