Criteria for the Dreambound Scholarship

Brandon Martinez
September 7, 2021

The Dreambound Scholarship awards aspiring students that are seeking a vocational education. By applying to attend a training program with one of our partner schools, applicants can receive up to $1,000 in tuition, even the whole cost of a program. This initiative extends Dreambound's mission to help Americans build wealth through education.

The Dreambound Scholarship Committee will review applications to ensure every applicant receives full consideration according to the following criteria:

  • Purpose: Does the applicant provide a clear explanation and compelling reason why they have decided to pursue vocational education, and why they want to enter the particular program they have selected?
  • Engagement: Has the applicant shown preparedness and readiness in their application process? Do they have a demonstrated interest in attending a program immediately, passing their certification exam, and furthering their career with a new job?
  • Involvement: Does the applicant discuss work, academic, personal, volunteer, or other experiences that highlight their ability to succeed in a vocational career and training program?
  • Character: Has the applicant shared how their values, beliefs, and qualities will help them grow and succeed in the vocational career path they have chosen?
  • Need: Does the applicant demonstrate why the Dreambound Scholarship will help them attend a training program?

The best applications will show, not tell, Dreambound about the person, their experiences, and their ideas. The Committee will prioritize the clarity and readability of an applicant's writing over specific spelling and grammar mistakes, especially when the individual shows engagement and commitment to the program in their application.

Recipients will attend an eligible school through Dreambound within 6 weeks of earning this award and receive a featured article in Dreambound's Student of the Month spotlight.

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